Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies

€ 15,95
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Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies is an epic game of dice rolling and Space Exploration. Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies utilizes dice for action selection as players grow their individual colonies and send ship emissaries out to either colonize planets or to utilize their resources/special abilities. With 40 unique planets and award winning solo play, this game is a can't miss!

Meer informatie
Aantal spelers1-5
Aanbevolen aantal spelers3, 4
UitgeverGamelyn Games
Type spelStrategiespel
MechanicsArea Control, Dice Chucking, Push Your Luck, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement
Boardgamegeek linkUltra-Tiny Epic Galaxies
Learn to play videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDRFYtoFgHA
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