The Menace Among Us

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A thrilling semi-cooperative game of intrigue and survival in deep space. Adrift and powerless, your crippled vessel is bleeding oxygen. You must work together to restore power before the air runs out...but hidden among you, as loyal friends and crewmembers, are imposters who continue to sabotage the ship. Their only goal is to avoid detection and kill the crew, by force or by asphyxiation. Can you identify them in time and eliminate the threat? Or will succomb to The Menace Among Us?

A 40 to 60 minute, asymmetrical card game for 4-8 players, which features shuffle-building, creating a unique personal deck based on your Agenda and choice of Character.

A hidden agenda game that is far more focused on "how well you play" vs the meta-game of "how well you roleplay your innocence."

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Aantal spelers4-8
Aanbevolen aantal spelers7, 8
UitgeverSmirk & Dagger Games
Type spelStrategiespel
MechanicsDeduction, Variable Player Powers
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