The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth – Dwellers in Darkness

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Whether you are tackling the new challenges of Haunting of Dale or reexploring the trials of the Shadowed Paths campaign, you will face off against powerful villains, such as the Supplicant of Morgoth and Ollie the Troll. With the Dwellers in Darkness Figure Pack, you can bring those villains to life with new premium figures, along with one for the mysterious and sinister shade featured in Haunting of Dale.

Against such powerful foes, the party will need to be extra prepared. Fortunately, Dwellers in Darkness also includes a fresh batch of gear, including an additional copy of the Knife item (and new upgrades for it) and a brand-new trinket in the form of the Silver Circlet. Combine these useful tools with three new titles—such as Undying—and your party should be more than prepared to tackle the challenges presented by the darkness.

Meer informatie
Aantal spelers1-5
Aanbevolen aantal spelers1, 2
UitgeverFantasy Flight Games
Type spelVerhalend/Thematisch
MechanicsCo-operative Play, Deck / Pool Building, Modular Board
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