The Bloody Inn

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In The Bloody Inn, you are one of the competitive innkeepers, bent on amassing the most wealth. Unfortunately, your morals hinder you from robbing your guests… at least while they're alive. Fortunately, your scruples have no qualms with murder. Of course, you can't just have dead bodies piled everywhere: It's bad for business, and besides, what if the police drop by for a visit? It's all so much work! Perhaps you could employ some of the guests as accomplices? Everyone has a price, after all!

The road can be dangerous for weary travelers, but sometimes, the shelter you find is even worse. The year is 1831 in a tiny, remote village in France. Every day, dozens of people pass along the road through Peyrebeille, but for those unlucky enough to stay the night… their journey may be over forever.

The Bloody Inn, a unique and macabre board game for one to four players, asks players to imagine themselves as members of a greedy family who have invested in a roadside inn. Times are tough and the innkeepers been driven to robbery and even murder! While you’re playing the game, you’ll find accomplices, build new annexes to the inn, and look for ways to advance your criminal enterprise. Each tension-filled turn, the innkeepers must carefully devise a plan to pull off the perfect crime, but everyone’s battling over the same set of guests and the bodies must be hidden before the police arrive. At the end of two seasons, the player who has acquired the largest quantity of ill-gotten wealth wins the game.

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Aantal spelers1-4
Aanbevolen aantal spelers4
Type spelStrategiespel
MechanicsHand Management
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