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You and your fellow cats are in an eating contest! Over several rounds, pass dishes to your neighbors or dig into the buffet. Eat as much as possible, and avoid indigestion, all while pushing your opponents to overeat!

On your turn, you may draw cards to eat the dishes offered to you by other cats, or play cards onto the stack to serve them to your neighbor. Play a card from your hand matching the top Dish card of the stack, use an Action card to redirect the dish to another player, or discard the current stack by playing two identical cards.

If you'd rather take a bite (or if you can't play), eat the dish and draw as many cards as the sum of the Dish cards in play! If you reveal one or more Indigestion cards, you overate and you receive an Indigestion token! If it's your third token, you lose, and whoever has the fewest Indigestion tokens wins the game!

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Taal Engels
Leeftijd 8+
Aantal spelers 3-10
Aanbevolen aantal spelers 5, 6, 7
Uitgever Iello Games
Type spel Familiespel, Party game
Mechanics Hand Management, Memory, Push Your Luck
Boardgamegeek link Tem-Purr-A
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