Rise to Nobility

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Rise to Nobility is a worker (dice) placement game set in the same fantasy world as Cavern Tavern. You each own a small piece of land in the newly built city, and your job is to rise from anonymity, make your way to the title of lord, and take over the head seat at the Stone Council. You can achieve this by upgrading your land and increasing its value, satisfying the demands of the settlers' council, attracting and housing as many settlers as you can, accommodating their needs, finding them jobs, and helping them develop from apprentices to guild masters, thus insuring you have people in high places all around the city of Caveborn.

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Taal Engels
Leeftijd 14+
Aantal spelers 1-6
Aanbevolen aantal spelers 3, 4
Uitgever Final Frontier Games
Type spel Strategiespel
Mechanics Dice Chucking, Set Collection, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement
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EAN 602573121795
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