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A game developed by Sorry We Are French based on Gary Kim’s Koryo and Choson.

Nine is a majority and set collection game which lasts approximatively 20-30 minutes.
Play Influence and Hero cards to gain majorities: doing so will allow you to use their abilities and to score VPs at the end of the game.

Byun Hyung Ja, the 9th Immortal has revealed himself and his existence has been finally confirmed. The balance
of power between the Immortals is questioned as Byun Hyung Ja plots and manipulates their influences. A new
political and strategic struggle approaches. Each Immortal will have to use their influence at the best of their abilities
to restore their power.

Meer informatie
TaalEngels, Frans
Aantal spelers2-4
Aanbevolen aantal spelers2, 3
UitgeverSorry We Are French
Type spelKaartspel, Strategiespel
MechanicsHand Management, Set Collection, Simultaneous Action Selection
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