Inuit: The Snow Folk

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As aurora borealis fills the night sky with fantastical light, and the eyes of those who came before look upon you, it has fallen on you to lead your village to power and prosperity. Now is the time to grow in numbers and strength, to build, to hunt, to look to the spirits of the white wilderness, and to prove yourself the greatest leader of the Snow Folk.

Inuit: The Snow Folk is a card-based strategy game of drafting and tableau building for 2-4 players.

Meer informatie
Taal Engels
Leeftijd 13+
Aantal spelers 2-4
Aanbevolen aantal spelers 2, 3
Uitgever NSKN Games
Type spel Kaartspel, Strategiespel
Mechanics Card drafting
Boardgamegeek link Inuit: The Snow Folk
EAN 6425453000829
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