Hawken Real-Time Card Game

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Based on the hit video game, Hawken! Grab a Mech and get to fighting… fast! Your deck of cards contains primary and secondary weapons systems, thrusters, special abilities, and various other high-tech instruments of war. Draw cards and place them onto the table as fast as you can, but be careful or you might overheat! If you don't wish to play a card, place it face down and it acts as cover for the round, absorbing a bit of damage from your opponent. The action is in real-time, but a game round ends when a player snags the FIRE! button from the center of the table. The speed of the Mechs are calculated, which determines the engagement range. Then weapons are fired and internal heat is generated. Quick reflexes are helpful, but a quick mind will win every time!

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Aantal spelers2
Aanbevolen aantal spelers2
Type spelKaartspel, Strategiespel, Twee spelers
MechanicsHand Management, Simultaneous Action Selection
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