Gloomhaven Town Organizer

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Compatible with:

  • GloomhavenTM 1st Edition
  • GloomhavenTM 2nd Edition (Confirmed compatible by Gloomhaven publisher)


  • Customized tray for standard monster standee and terrain tiles for easy setup and clean up.
  • General tray to hold monster cards and sleeves, party pad, element infusion board, monster plastic stands, and boss monster standee.
  • Card tray with dividers*
    Please note: The tray holds Fantasy Flight sleeved cards. There is only room for four (4) sleeved characters ability cards and character specific modifier cards at a time.
    * Two big card dividers are provided for an unsleeved cards option.
    * Extra dividers are provided with the insert.
  • Tray to hold the characters miniatures and character tuck boxes.

Like any of our other products, the insert will fit inside the game box and box will sit flush. The game can also be stored vertically. Please note: The map tiles, board game map, rule book, and scenario books will be placed inside the box without a tray.

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