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ntruders have made their way onto your ship, and their goal is total destruction! More than twenty bombs have been detected onboard, and the countdown has begun. Your elite Bomb Defusal Team (BDT) has been called upon to neutralize the threat. Does your team have what it takes to work through the intricacies of the bombs and defuse them all in time?

Fuse is a real-time co-operative game that employs 25 dice and 65 cards. Each game is set to a 10-minute timer, and players must work together in that 10 minutes to defuse all of the bombs. Each bomb is represented by a card which needs a certain combination of dice in order to defuse it. A player will draw a number of dice equal to the number of players out of a bag and roll them. Players must then decide who will get which dice, but each player must take one and only one.

It's a simple task: maximize the potential of your dice among all of the players. The problem is that you only have 10 minutes, and there are more than 20 bombs on your ship. You don't have time to think through every option. You barely have time to yell at Grandma as she reaches for that red die you need. This game will self-destruct in 10 minutes...

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Taal Engels
Leeftijd 10+
Aantal spelers 1-5
Aanbevolen aantal spelers 4
Uitgever Renegade Game Studios
Type spel Coöperatief, Familiespel
Mechanics Card drafting, Co-operative Play, Dice Chucking, Pattern Building
Boardgamegeek link FUSE
Learn to play video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=timUyNk2s2A
EAN 859930005049
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