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In the bustling market of Byzanz, bundles of goods are available to savvy merchants. Bid for the best bundles, catch a deal at the main market, and find the right moment to sell the goods you have collected!

You are a merchant in the Byzantine Market participating in auctions for bundles of goods. In every round, each player will win exactly one auction by offering cards from their hand. The winner of an auction must place their bid into the Market.

When a player has a set of three identical goods, they may sell them in the Market, keeping the highest valued card as profit. The game ends when all the Goods cards have been auctioned and the player with the highest profit is the winner.

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Aantal spelers3-6
Aanbevolen aantal spelers4
UitgeverRenegade Game Studios
Type spelFamiliespel, Strategiespel
MechanicsAuction/Bidding, Card drafting, Hand Management, Set Collection
Boardgamegeek linkByzanz
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