Brass Lancashire

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Brass: Lancashire is an economic strategy game that tells the story of competing cotton entrepreneurs in Lancashire during the industrial revolution. 

You must develop, build, and establish your industries and network so that you can capitalize demand for iron, coal and cotton. The game is played over two halves: the canal phase and the rail phase. To win the game, score the most victory points (VPs), which are counted at the end of each half. VPs are gained from your canals, rails, and established (flipped) industry tiles. 

Meer informatie
Taal Engels
Leeftijd 14+
Aantal spelers 2-4
Aanbevolen aantal spelers 4
Uitgever Roxley Game Labratory
Type spel Strategiespel
Mechanics Hand Management, Route/Network Building
Boardgamegeek link Brass: Lancashire
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EAN 9781988884028
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