Bang! The Dice Game: Dead or Alive (EN)

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BANG! The Dice Game: Undead or Alive
 includes five "modules" for BANG! The Dice Game that can be used on their own or combined in any way desired.

This expansion adds eight new enraged gunslingers and two new duel dice for fighting duels. If you lose a duel, you must draw a duel wound token. During your turn, each duel wound token you have cancels one identical symbol rolled on a die that you decided to keep.

The new dice also feature another new symbol: the whiskey bottle. If you roll a whiskey bottle during your turn and you have no duel wound tokens to discard or if you lose two or more life points in one turn, you must draw a rage card; the symbols on those cards are added to the results of the dice!

With four or more players, you can play the "Undead or Alive" module, which adds a deck of boneyard cards. If the boneyard overflows with corpses, a zombie outbreak might begin!

Meer informatie
Aantal spelers3-8
Aanbevolen aantal spelers6, 7
UitgeverdV Giochi
Type spelParty game, Teams
MechanicsDice Chucking, Push Your Luck, Variable Player Powers
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