Anachrony: Exosuit Miniature Set

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This product features 24 highly detailed,55 mm tall Exosuit miniatures, 6 for each Path, with player-colored base snaps and a plastic tray. These miniatures can be used to replace the hexagonal Exosuit tokens in the core edition for the ultimate Anachrony experience. Each Exosuit miniature has slot where you can place your piloting Worker, with its icon remaining visible while it’s on the board.

Meer informatie
Taal Engels
Leeftijd 15+
Aantal spelers 1-4
Aanbevolen aantal spelers 3
Uitgever Mindclash Games
Type spel Strategiespel
Mechanics Action Point Allowance, Card drafting, Dice Chucking, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement
Boardgamegeek link Anachrony: Exosuit Commander Pack
EAN 644216651092
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